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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 12612817
Project Title(English) : Interpreting Hong Kong Poetry: One City, Two (Language) Systems 
Project Title(Chinese) : 闡釋香港詩歌: 一城二(言)制 
Principal Investigator(English) : Dr Ho, Tammy Lai-ming 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) :  
Department : Department of English Language & Literature
Institution : Hong Kong Baptist University
Co - Investigator(s) :
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Humanities and Arts
Exercise Year : 2017 / 18
Fund Approved : 139,000
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 31-8-2019
Abstract as per original application
This research aims to study poetry on post-1997 Hong Kong written in both Chinese and English. It focuses on their representations of Hong Kong as city or urban timespace, and examines their concerns and preoccupations regarding the city. Analyses of the poems will draw out issues of thought and action, subjective emotions and social affect, poetics and politics. The objective of the study is to show how a multi-dimensional and multi-perspectival ‘Hong Kong’ is made visible in the literary imagination. Because both Chinese and English poems will be discussed, a further aim of this study is to offer a bridge between the two languages, often seen and studied as two separate and discrete domains. I will ask questions such as: How can the Hong Kong portrayed in English and Chinese poetry be discussed on the same scholarly platform? How does such a discussion enable their similarities and differences to be apprehended? And how does this discussion help deepen understanding of the creativity of English and Chinese in Hong Kong literature and culture? Hong Kong’s historical and political backgrounds constitute its bilingual reality, which is reflected in representations of the city in English and Chinese poetry. This reality unfortunately leads to what I call a ‘separatist bilingualism’, as there is little contact between works portraying the city written in the two languages, as if Hong Kong existed in two linguistic and cultural universes. In 2014, the Umbrella Movement provided a glimpse at the poetic and interlingual possibilities for bridging this gap. The movement sparked an unprecedented cross-pollination of exchange between the two languages. Publications such as CURA, Drunken Boat and The Margins published Chinese poems about the socio-political situation in Hong Kong translated into English, while the local Hong Kong poetry journal Voice and Verse published English poems about the Umbrella Movement translated into Chinese. This linguistic and cultural exchange demonstrated that there is room and demand for interlingual discussion of poetry written about the city. These two groups of texts emerging from a single historical moment will be the starting point of this study which will expand into a broader investigation of post-1997 poetic perspectives on Hong Kong.
此研究旨在探討以97年後香港為題創作的中英文詩詞。研究集中討論詩詞如何展現香港作為一個城市或「都市時空」(urban timespace)的處境,同時討論詩詞對香港整體走向所流露的關注及思慮。分析將呈現行動與想法之間的矛盾、各種主觀感情、社會情緒,以及詩學與政治之間的關係。是次研究將展示文學創作的想像如何呈現出一個「多面向」(multi-dimensional)、「多角度」(multi-perspectival)的香港。由於中英詩詞皆為研究的對象,此研究亦希望為兩種語言提供一道橋樑,帶動並結合中英詩學的討論,打破過往中英詩詞研究的鴻溝。我亦將提出以下問題:如何在同一學術平台上討論中英詩詞中描述的香港?這項討論將如何幫助我們去理解中英詩詞的異同?又如何令我們加深香港文學及文化裡中英文創作的認識?香港的歷史及政治背景造就了城市的雙語文化,此文化亦可見於中英詩詞中的香港。與此同時,雙語的處境卻造成了我提出的「分離雙語現象」(separatist bilingualism)。以香港為創作主題的中英文學作品往往未有任何交流,猶如香港處於兩個平行的語言及文化世界。然而,2014年的雨傘運動卻提供了一個跨語言及詩學體制的研究機會,並開展了前所未見的雙語交流,有望進一步拉近中英創作的距離。一系列英語刊物,其中包括《CURA》、《Drunken Boat》及《The Margins》等皆出版了講述香港社會政治處境的英譯中文詩詞。同時,香港《聲韻詩刊》也刊登了講述雨傘運動的中譯英文詩詞。此雙語文化交流反映跨語言的詩學討論絕對有發展的空間及需求。兩組同樣討論雨傘運動的中英文學作品將成為是次研究的基礎,並藉此進一步探討97後的詩詞對香港所持有的看法。
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