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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 14603519
Project Title(English) : Teachers’ attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help and their relation to referring students for mental health support 
Project Title(Chinese) : 教師對尋求專業心理幫助的態度及其與轉介學生接受心理健康服務的關係 
Principal Investigator(English) : Prof CHUI , Tsz Yeung Harold 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) :  
Department : Dept of Educational Psychology
Institution : The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Dr Luk, Sau Ha
Prof Mak, Winnie Wing Sze
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Education
Exercise Year : 2019 / 20
Fund Approved : 607,508
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 30-6-2023
Abstract as per original application
The mental wellbeing of teachers and students has attracted much attention from the public and media in Hong Kong recently. Although academic pressure, particularly in secondary schools, has been cited as a key contributor of poor wellbeing, there may be other ways in which teacher and student mental health are related. One possibility is that compromised wellbeing affects teachers’ ability to notice and care for students in need. Another possibility is teachers’ attitude. Could teachers’ negative attitude toward help seeking be associated with the reluctance to refer students in need for mental health support? In particular, reasons for referral studied thus far often focus on perceived problem severity and teachers’ self-efficacy, but rarely on teachers’ psychological health and personal attitudes about help seeking. Given the extensive interaction that frontline teachers have with students, a comprehensive understanding of factors that affect timely referral of students to mental health services is needed. This proposal has three parts. First, a new measure on attitude toward referring students for mental health support will be developed and evaluated on 150 secondary school teachers. Second, another 250 secondary school teachers will be recruited to validate this new measure and to complete other questionnaires. In particular, teacher factors, such as gender, teaching experience, and counselling training will be examined in relation to teachers’ attitude about help seeking. Teachers will also be asked to rate how likely they are going to refer students on standardized vignettes for mental health support. The likelihood of referral will be examined in relation to teachers’ wellbeing, self-efficacy, perceived problem severity, attitude about help seeking, and attitude about referral. Structural equation modelling will be used to test a novel theoretical framework on referral decision in education settings. Finally, to uncover unique contextual factors that influence teachers’ referral decisions in Hong Kong, 12 teachers will be invited to participate in a phone or in-person interview. For comparison, six who score high on the referral questions in Study 2 will be selected along with six who score low (match on demographics if possible) to discuss their decisions to refer or not to refer. Data will be analyzed using Consensual Qualitative Research (Hill, 2012). Results from these studies will help identify teacher and system factors so that professional development activities may be developed to improve teachers’ attitudes toward help seeking and referrals, with the goal of enhancing mental health for both teachers and students.
教師和學生的心理健康一直廣受關注。雖然學業壓力被認為是導致心理失衡的主因,但教師個人因素與學生的心理健康可能有着緊密的關係。 其中一種可能的關係是,教師的心理失衡會影響教師在留意和照顧有需要的學生的能力。另一種可能性是教師的態度; 教師若對自身求助持有負面態度,這會否阻礙他們轉介有需要心理健康服務的學生? 到目前為止,研究教師轉介的原因大多集中在學生問題的嚴重程度和教師的自我效能上,但甚少關注教師的心理健康和個人對求助態度與轉介學生的影響。有見於前線教師與學生之間的頻繁互動,我們更需要全面了解有關影響教師及時轉介學生接受心理健康服務的因素。 此研究建議書有三部分。首先,為了探討影響香港教師轉介決定的獨特背景因素,我們將邀請教師參與電話訪問或面談,討論他們如何作出轉介與否的決定。討論內容將使用Consensual Qualitative Research(Hill,2012)作分析。 其次,從第一部分獲得的質性研究結果會被用來制定一個新量表去評估教師對轉介學生接受心理健康服務的態度。 最後,本研究將招募教師來驗證這新量表,並完成其他問卷調查,包括性別,教學經驗,輔導培訓和對個人求助的態度。除了制定新量表之外,本研究亦透過模擬學生情況的情境題,收集教師如何評估他們轉介學生接受心理健康服務的可能性。結構方程分析將用於測試教師心理健康、自我效能、學生問題嚴重程度、個人求助態度以及轉介態度之間的關係並以驗證新理論框架。 研究的結果將有助於掌握教師和環境制度因素,開發專業發展活動,以改善教師對求助和轉介的態度及增強教師和學生的心理健康。
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