Project Details
Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 14609123
Project Title(English) : An ecological dynamics approach to promote physical literacy and well-being of primary school children: a cluster randomized controlled trial 
Project Title(Chinese) : 以生態動力學方式促進小學生身體素養與健康:集群隨機對照試驗 
Principal Investigator(English) : Prof Sum, Raymond Kim Wai 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) :  
Department : Sports Science & Physical Education
Institution : The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Prof Chow, Yia Ji
Prof Rudd, James
Prof Sit, Cindy Hui-ping
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Education
Exercise Year : 2023 / 24
Fund Approved : 700,300
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 31-8-2026
Abstract as per original application
The research team has found that very little is known about the impact of an Ecological Dynamics (ED) intervention on primary school children’s physical literacy and well-being in the Hong Kong context. The aim of this project is therefore to introduce a physical literacy and well-being framework through an ED intervention that allows primary school children to develop good physical activity (PA) and daily behavioral habits. The levels of physical activity (PA) among primary school students in Hong Kong and in other developed nations are below the levels that are sufficient to promote health. Based on the unique physical literacy journey and lifestyle of different individuals, the proposed project would offer the primary school children a meaningful way to achieve active lifestyle development and encourage them to realize their physical literacy journey in later life. A four-arm randomized controlled trial will be employed in this proposed project. An ED intervention will be conducted for ten months in primary schools located in each of the 18 administrative districts of Hong Kong. Four classes in senior primary students (grade 4-6) at each school will be randomly assigned to the four different conditions. These participating schools will be equipped with sit-stand desks, PA recess facility and equipment, and sleep pillows. The research team will adopt both objective measures (aerobic fitness, fundamental movement skills, daily behavior - physical activity, and cognitive function) and self-reported measures (perceived physical literacy, quality of life, sleep quality) covering the elements and domains of physical literacy and well-being to examine the effects of ED interventions. The proposed project therefore adds to the current literature by proposing an ED intervention and provides insight into the benefits of sit-stand desks combining PA recess and daytime sleepiness in Hong Kong primary schools. This proposed project can facilitate interaction among primary school children, their teachers (not restricted to PE teachers), and parents to promote mutual understanding of the importance of active lifestyles and well-being of our younger generations.
於香港環境中,對於以生態動力學(Ecological Dynamics,簡稱ED)方式用作干預對小學生的身體素養和健康影響之研究尚屬有限。為彌補這一知識空缺,本研究的目標在於透過生態動力學的干預,引入身體素養和健康的框架,從而促進小學生的體力活動(Physical Activity,簡稱PA)和日常行為習慣的培養。香港以及其他發達國家的小學生的體力活動水平並未達到促進健康所需的程度,因此有必要對此予以關注。由於個人身體素養之旅程及生活方式皆具獨特性,因此本研究為小學生提供實現有意義積極生活方式的途徑,同時鼓勵其能在未來繼續追求身體素養之旅。 為實現上述目標,本研究計劃採用了四臂隨機對照試驗的設計,在香港的十八個行政區進行為期六個月的生態動力學干預。參與學校將包括高年級小學生(4-6年級)的四個班級,這些班級將被隨機分配至四種不同的情境中。參與學校將被配備坐站式桌椅、課間與小息體力活動設施與器材,以及小睡枕頭。研究團隊將結合客觀測量(包括有氧運動能力、基本運動技能、日常行為 - 體力活動,以及認知功能)和主觀測量(包括感知身體素養、生活品質以及睡眠品質)進行評估,涵蓋身體素養和健康的各個層面,探究以生態動力學方式干預之效果。 本研究不僅為現有文獻提供洞察與補充,也為香港的小學引入坐站式桌椅、課間與小息體力活動以及日間小睡之生態動力學方式之干預。同時,是項研究也有助於促進小學生、教師(不僅限於體育教師)以及家長之間的互動,從而加深我們對於年輕一代積極生活方式和健康重要性的相互理解。
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