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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 14610623
Project Title(English) : Strategic Litigation Before the International Court of Justice: An Empirical Case Law Evaluation into Structural Impact  
Project Title(Chinese) : 國際法院的戰略訴訟: 對結構性影響的實證判例法評估 
Principal Investigator(English) : Prof Ramsden, Michael 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) : Not applicable 
Department : Faculty of Law
Institution : The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Social and Behavioural Sciences
Exercise Year : 2023 / 24
Fund Approved : 952,450
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 31-12-2026
Abstract as per original application
Strategic litigation is on the rise. The key feature of this litigation model is that one or more of the parties intend to use the court to promote structural change. This litigation model has implications beyond the individual litigant and adjudication of discrete interests based upon a completed set of events, typical of traditional litigation, to challenges to the distribution of political, social, economic, and legal values in a society. Strategic litigation entails strategy formation through analysis of the social situation at hand and reflection on the most appropriate judicial forum and sequencing of litigation alongside non-legal strategies, with the aim to maximise cause impact. While there is a growing literature on the nature of supranational strategic litigation generally, and in relation to the practice of regional human rights courts, there has been limited attempt to comprehensively evaluate the nature of this litigation model before the International Court of Justice (‘ICJ’). This project will fill that gap. Strategic litigation has a long history in the ICJ, with social movements increasingly exploring the possibility of litigating their causes before the Court. Through a detailed analysis of judicial practice, this project considers the suitability of strategic litigation before the ICJ as well as the extent to which the Court has – and indeed can – adapt its working methods to accommodate the novel features of this litigation model. Through a careful documentation of strategic litigation practice since 1950, this project seeks to identify the extent to which such litigation has produced, or is capable of producing, the desired structural impact. The project will evaluate strategic litigation from the perspective of the goals of the litigating States and seeks to measure its impact in stimulating the structural change sought in the litigation. The Principal Investigator, Professor Michael Ramsden, has the experience and background necessary to complete this project to an international standard. He previously successfully completed a GRF on a related but more general question about the nature of strategic litigation (‘Strategic Litigation: An International and Comparative Study, 2014/2015). He has also made a start into analysing select recent strategic litigations before the ICJ and their immediate term impacts, with articles published in the European Journal of International Law and Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law. Continuing to publish in high impact scholarly venues, this project will provide the first comprehensive and systematic enquiry into the structural impact of strategic litigation before the ICJ.
戰略訴訟呈上升趨勢。這種訴訟模式的主要特徵是,一個或 更多的當事人打算利用法院來促進結構變革。本訴訟 模型的影響超出了個人訴訟當事人和離散的裁決 基於一組已完成事件的利益,這是傳統訴訟的典型特徵,到 對社會中政治、社會、經濟和法律價值分配的挑戰。 戰略訴訟需要 過分析社會狀況來制定戰略 對最合適的司法論壇和訴訟順序的手和思考 與非法律策略一起,旨在最大限度地發揮事業影響力。 雖然關於超國家戰略訴訟性質的文獻越來越多 總的來說,就區域人權法院的實踐而言,存在著 之前對這種訴訟模式性質進行綜合評價的嘗試有限 國際法院(「國際法院」)。這個專案將填補這一空白。戰略訴訟在國際法院有著悠久的歷史,社會運動日益增多 探討向法院提起訴訟的可能性。通過詳細的 司法實踐分析,本專案考慮戰略訴訟的適用性 國際法院以及法院已經——而且確實能夠——適應的程度 其工作方法適應了這種訴訟模式的新特點。 通過自1950年以來,該專案仔細記錄了戰略訴訟實踐,旨在 確定此類訴訟在多大程度上已經產生或能夠產生 期望的結構性影響。該專案將從 從訴訟國的目標的角度出發,並設法衡量其在訴訟國方面的影響 刺激訴訟中尋求的結構變革 首席研究員邁克爾·拉姆斯登教授擁有豐富的經驗和 按照國際標準完成該專案所需的背景。他 之前成功完成了GRF,涉及一個相關但更普遍的問題 戰略訴訟的性質(“戰略訴訟:國際和 比較研究,2014/2015)。他還開始分析最近的精選 國際法院的戰略訴訟及其近期影響,附文章 發表於《歐洲國際法雜誌》和《范德比爾特雜誌》 跨國法。繼續在高影響力的學術場所發表文章,該專案 將首次全面系統地調查 國際法院的戰略訴訟。
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