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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 14618721
Project Title(English) : Three Decades of Educational Mobility  
Project Title(Chinese) : 教育流動三十載 
Principal Investigator(English) : Prof Ou, Dongshu 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) :  
Department : Dept of Educational Administration & Policy
Institution : The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Prof Post, David M.
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Education
Exercise Year : 2021 / 22
Fund Approved : 573,748
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 31-12-2024
Abstract as per original application
The persisting associations between parents’ educational attainment and children’s educational outcomes have been well documented in the developed world, although until recently the literature was primarily focused on such persistence form fathers to children. The role played by mothers in their children’s education has been increasingly recognized in the study of intergenerational social mobility studies. However, there is still too little research on intergenerational education mobility in Hong Kong, and thus, we also have limited knowledge about the prospects for girls to raise their socio-economic status through education.. In addition, existing studies did not provide consistent evidence that educational expansion policies have reduced the association between parents’ and children’s schooling, nor have studies examined the impact of Hong Kong’s education expansion reforms on intergenerational educational mobility. Further, of special importance for mobility researcher in Hong Kong are second-generation Mainlander immigrants constitute a large proportion of Hong Kong’s population, little is known on their intergenerational social mobility and the impact of educational expansion reforms on their mobility. Using Census data from 1991 to 2021, this proposal would allow the investigators to provide a comprehensive analysis of intergenerational education mobility in Hong Kong over a period of three decades, investigate the heterogeneity in intergenerational transmission of human capital in gender and immigration background, and assess the impact of educational reforms on intergenerational mobility. Our study builds on existing literature and makes several novel contributions. First, our findings will be the first to provide a comprehensive profile of intergenerational transmission of education of Hong Kong over three decades. Secondly, we intend to study the intergenerational education persistence between fathers (mothers) and daughters, a subject that has not been widely discussed in previous literature in Hong Kong (Lam & Liu, 2019) as well as international literature on intergenerational transmission for women (Azam, 2016). This information should be especially helpful to policy makers in societies with strong gender roles. More importantly, taking advantage of Census data for three decades, we will analyze the potential policy decisions that might have driven differences in the evolution of intergenerational education mobility in Hong Kong. Lastly, because low intergenerational educational mobility can lead to greater inequality and low economic efficiency in the long term, understanding of the intergenerational mobility of second-generation immigrants can shed light on the long-term integration of immigrant families.
父母的教育程度和孩子的教育成果之間持續存在的關聯在發達國家已有詳細記載,儘管直到最近,文獻還主要關注從父親到孩子的這種持續性。母親在子女教育中的作用在代際社會流動研究中越來越得到認可。然而,香港對代際教育流動的研究仍然太少,因此我們對女孩通過教育提高社會經濟地位的前景也知之甚少。 此外,現有研究並沒有提供一致的證據表明教育擴張政策減少了父母與子女教育之間的聯繫,也沒有研究考察香港教育擴張改革對代際教育流動的影響。此外,對於香港流動性研究人員而言,特別重要的是第二代內地移民佔香港人口的很大一部分,他們的代際社會流動性以及教育擴張改革對其流動性的影響知之甚少。本研究將利用 1991 年至 2021 年的人口普查數據,對過去三十年間香港的代際教育流動進行詳盡的描述,調查性別和移民背景下人力資本代際傳遞的異質性,並評估教育改革對代際流動的影響。 我們的研究建立在現有文獻的基礎上,並做出了一些新的貢獻。首先,我們的研究結果將是第一個提供香港教育在過去三十年間代際傳遞的全面概況。其次,我們打算研究父親(母親)和女兒之間的代際教育持續性,這個主題在香港以前的相關主題文獻以及關於女性代際傳遞的國際文獻中都沒有被廣泛討論。這些信息對具有強烈性別角色的社會中的決策者尤其有用。更重要的是,我們將利用三十年來的人口普查數據,分析可能導致香港代際教育流動演變差異的潛在政策決定。最後,由於長期低代際教育流動性會導致更大的不平等和低經濟效率,因此了解二代移民的代際流動性可以為移民家庭的長期融合提供線索。
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