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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 14619322
Project Title(English) : Motivational enhancement intervention supporting students with special education needs (SEN) transitioning to postsecondary education 
Project Title(Chinese) : 動機提升介入模式支援特殊學習需要大專生的轉銜 
Principal Investigator(English) : Prof Lam, Gary Yu-hin 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) : 林宇軒 
Department : Dept of Educational Psychology
Institution : The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Education
Exercise Year : 2022 / 23
Fund Approved : 1,151,992
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 31-12-2025
Abstract as per original application
With more options and alternatives in postsecondary programs available to diverse abilities of students, the number of students with SEN enrolling in college and university is experiencing a significant increase. For students with Specific Learning Disability (SpLD), Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the transition to postsecondary settings tends to be fraught with significant challenges due to the loss of structured support and formalized services. Despite often possessing the academic abilities to master the content knowledge, many college students with these SEN struggle in social relationships, learning difficulties, and mental health problems, which contribute to poor outcomes such as disengagement, dropout, or delayed graduation. Currently, there is not a standardized protocol to evaluate students with SEN transitioning to postsecondary education, while planning and support services for these students are not consistent and variable across institutions. Stakeholders (e.g., parents, teaching staff, and counsellors) are also confused as to what to do and how to motivate these students to further their development. The proposed studies aim to better understand and support postsecondary students with SEN (SpLD, ADHD, and ASD). In Study 1, students with SEN will be administered a comprehensive battery of assessments to evaluate their functioning in domains of social communication, executive functioning, sensory modulation, adaptive life skills, emotion management, and academic and career development. Control without identified SEN will also be assessed. Multivariate analyses will be performed to analyze the differences in functioning among different types of SEN, as well as compared to control. Results will reveal unique patterns of strengths and weaknesses based on SEN types. In Study 2, a brief intervention will be developed to improve transition and postsecondary outcomes in students with SEN. Using the motivational interviewing framework, a 3-session intervention program will engage both students and their families to understand their own needs, explore their motivation and assets for change, and guide the development of goals and plans in postsecondary education. A randomized control trial will be conducted to compare students with SEN in the intervention group versus treatment as usual. Major outcome measures will include self-efficacy, education attainment, and mental health. Intention-to-treat analysis will be performed to evaluate the efficacy of this model in improving students’ self-efficacy, education attainment, and mental health, and caregivers’ stress. Results will have implications for improving services and policies for supporting students with SEN in postsecondary settings.
隨著更多進修課程選擇的出現,為不同能力的學生提供了更多元化的機會,使進入大專院校的有特殊教育需要(SEN)學生人數顯著增加。而當中確診為有特殊學習障礙(SpLD)、專注力不足/過度活躍症(ADHD)和自閉症譜系障礙 (ASD)的學生,由於缺乏結構化支援和常規服務,使他們過渡高等教育環境時往往充滿重大挑戰。儘管SEN大專學生一般具有合適的學術能力,但他們往往面對社交關係、學習困難和心理健康等問題,並容易導致輟學和延遲畢業等負面後果。目前,業界欠缺一個標準化的評估,了解SEN學生在大專過渡期的情況,容易導致不同大專院校和機構之間的支援計劃和服務不一致,亦使不同持份者(如家長、教學人員和輔導員)對下一步計劃和支援方針感到困惑。 是次研究旨在支援有特殊教育需要(SpLD、ADHD 和 ASD)的大專學生,將製定一項精簡的介入方案,以改善SEN學生在過渡期和大專就學期間的情況。我們將使用動機性訪談模式,訂立一個為期三節的介入計劃,讓SEN學生及其家人了解他們自己的需要,探索他們的改變動機和資源,引導他們在學習目標和規劃上的發展。本研究將進行一項隨機對照實驗,SEN學生將被隨機分派為對照組和實驗組,以作比較。主要評估指標將包括自我效能、學習成效和心理健康。研究結果可以幫助改善大專的服務和政策,為SEN學生提供更適切的支援。
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