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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 14619920
Project Title(English) : Religious Education Curricula in Hong Kong Schools: A Comparative Study across Religious Bodies and Time 
Project Title(Chinese) : 香港學校的宗教教育課程:跨宗教團體與跨時的比較研究 
Principal Investigator(English) : Prof Tse, Thomas Kwan-choi 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) :  
Department : Dept of Educational Administration & Policy
Institution : The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Dr Lau, Elsa Ngar Sze
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Education
Exercise Year : 2020 / 21
Fund Approved : 629,484
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 15-10-2023
Abstract as per original application
This project will study the unique situation of the Hong Kong education system, which has different religious education courses being offered by a wide variety of religious bodies. The Hong Kong government acknowledges religious diversity, and it supports religious freedom and religious tolerance. Both religious and non-religious schools enjoy public funding while remaining relatively autonomous. Faith schools operate on a considerable scale with little governmental intervention with respect to religious education. These faith schools usually implement a compulsory sectarian religious education curriculum with a strong spiritual and moral dimension. However, there is considerable ambiguity surrounding the status, content and function of religious education. Arguably, religious education needs to be updated and reformed to keep abreast of social change and to address a number of social and pedagogical issues. It is important to consider how religious education curricula have changed over time and how curricular development takes into account the socio-cultural context and young people’s experiences. This 28-month project will explore the special role of religion education curricula in Hong Kong’s multi-religious society, a topic that is vital but that has remained unexplored. Relatively few scholars have attempted to address religious education other than Christianity and Islam. Taking into account the religious diversity within this unique education system and different religious bodies taking different approaches to religious education, a historical and intra-system comparative study can contribute to a broader and deeper understanding of the nature of religious education. By using a mixed research method with data collected through the documentation of teaching materials, and by conducting interviews with the authors and representatives of religious bodies, we will examine the curriculum development of four major religious bodies over time, with a special emphasis on the curricular components of aims/objectives, content, pedagogy and evaluation. We will also study the causes and factors behind changes in both religious education as a school subject and the production of learning and teaching materials. This project will have significant implications for understanding the relationship between religion and education – that is, the specific place and role of religious education accorded by different religious bodies in a highly secular and culturally diverse society. The findings of this study will allow us to understand the features of different religious education curricula. Insight into developing teaching and learning materials and practices that are conducive to fostering desirable values in adolescents will be shared with curriculum designers and practitioners.
此項目將研究香港教育體系的獨特情況:它由各種各樣的宗教團體提供不同的宗教教育課程。香港政府承認宗教多元化,並對宗教採自由和寬容政策。宗教學校和非宗教學校都獲公共資助,同時保持相對自主。宗教學校中的宗教教育規模龐大,幾乎沒受政府干預。這些宗教學校通常實行帶強制性的宗派的和富有強烈的靈性和道德色彩的宗教教育課程。但圍繞宗教教育的地位、內容和功能的理解仍有很大的分歧。宗教教育當然需要更新和改革以保持和社會與時俱進,並解決許多社會和教學問題。宗教教育課程如何隨著時間變化,以及課程發展如何考慮社會文化背景和年輕人的經驗乃是亟需考慮的要事。 這個為期28個月的研究項目將探討宗教教育課程在香港這多元宗教社會的獨特角色。這個課題雖然很重要,但至今仍未充分開發。相對而言,很少學者嘗試探討基督教和伊斯蘭教以外的宗教教育。考慮到香港這獨特教育體系當中的宗教多樣性和不同宗教團體採取不同的方法處理宗教教育,採取歷史和系統內部的比較研究可有助對宗教教育的性質有更廣泛和更深入的了解。使用混合研究法,包括收集教材文獻,以及與宗教團體的作者和代表訪談,我們將研究四個主要宗教團體隨著時間推移下的課程發展情況,特別強調課程的四大組成部分:目的/目標、內容、教學法與評估。我們還會研究宗教教育作為學校課程和學習與教學材料變化背後的成因和元素。 這項目將對理解宗教與教育間的關係具有重要意義,即在高度世俗化和多元文化的情況下不同宗教團體提供的宗教教育的特別角色和作用。研究結果將使我們能夠理解不同宗教教育課程的特徵;也可與課程設計者和從業者共享開發教材經驗,有助於在青少年中培育理想價值觀。
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