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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 14622818
Project Title(English) : Understanding the role of visual recognition of musical notation in music sight-reading  
Project Title(Chinese) : 視覺辨識音符的能力在音樂視奏之角色 
Principal Investigator(English) : Prof Wong, Yetta Kwai-Ling  
Principal Investigator(Chinese) :  
Department : Dept of Educational Psychology
Institution : The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Dr Su, I Fan
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Education
Exercise Year : 2018 / 19
Fund Approved : 497,400
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 31-8-2021
Abstract as per original application
In educational settings, learners often need to efficiently perceive and extract information from visual inputs, be they words, faces, musical notation or figures. While the visual perceptual challenge is common to many domains of learning, we know little about its role in education since this research area is relatively understudied. This proposal focuses on the role of visual perceptual ability in a type of real-world skilled reading – music sight-reading. Sight-reading refers to the ability to play a piece of music when one reads the score for the first time. It is one of the most important skills to acquire in music education, with a wide range of skill levels in the population. These make it an ideal window to understand how visual perception affects skilled reading and education in general. The proposed project will examine the role of visual discrimination of musical notation patterns in predicting and enhancing music sight-reading abilities. Study One will use an individual-difference approach to build a new theoretical model on the basic cognitive abilities underlying sight-reading, including the ability in reading musical notation that was missing in previous studies. Study Two will use an experimental approach to test whether improved visual perceptual ability in the laboratory can transfer to enhanced sight-reading, a real-world complex skill that involves coordinated information processing in multiple modalities. This research will have important theoretical impacts: First, it will build a new cognitive theory of music sight-reading that takes into account the role of visual perceptual ability, a missing component in the current model. Second, it will establish the causal relationship between visual perceptual abilities and sight-reading. Third, the findings will serve as a proof of concept of the role of visual perceptual learning in education in general. It is well expected that theoretical insights generated from this proposal will be applicable to other domains of skilled reading requiring visual perceptual extraction of visual codes, such as Chinese and English reading. Pedagogically, the findings will provide an empirically tested solution to promote perceptual learning of musical notation, which addresses a long-standing problem in sight-reading pedagogy. The computerized training will be highly promising since it can be accessible to students once it is adapted to mobile platforms, adopts the self-teaching approach in learning, and can cater for individual differences in their skill levels and pace of learning. This will be an important contribution to evidence-based teaching of sight-reading.
在教育的場境中,不論是文字、人臉、音符和圖案,學生都需要有效率地處理和提取視覺訊息。雖然視覺感知能力對許多學習領域均構成挑戰,可是視覺感知在教育的角色卻缺乏研究,所以我們對這方面所知甚少。 本研究計劃旨在了解視覺感知能力在日常閱讀中所扮演的角色,並以音樂視奏所涉及的閱讀能力作為研究重點。視奏是指彈奏第一次閱讀的樂譜,乃音樂教育裡其中一項最需要掌握的能力,惟不同的人在視奏能力上存在具大差異。因此,透過音樂視奏這個窗口,我們能夠窺探視覺感知如何影響高階閱讀以及一般的教育。 本研究將探究視覺分辨音符在預測及提升音樂視奏能力的角色。研究的第一部份將利用個人差異的研究方法建構一個理論模型,以解釋音樂視奏背後的相關基本認知能力,包括研究文獻鮮有觸及的音符閱讀能力。第二部份則測試透過實驗提升的視覺感知能力能否轉移至涉及多感官訊息整合的視奏能力。 本計劃有著以下幾項重要意義:第一,它會建構一個解釋音樂視奏能力的認知理論,並把過往所忽略的視覺感知能力加入其中;第二,它會確立視覺感知能力和音樂視奏的因果關係;第三,研究結果能夠證明視覺感知訓練對於一般的教育的角色。研究所得可應用到其他同樣需要從符碼中提取視覺訊息的閱讀領域,包括中英文閱讀。 在教學層面上,研究所得能夠提供一套經過實證測試的音符閱讀學習方法,有助音樂視奏教學。研究計劃所發展出來的一套電腦訓練採用自我導向的學習模式,並能照顧個人學習差異和進度,將來可發展成方便的應用程式。是以本研究能為以實證為本的音樂視奏教學作出重要貢獻。
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