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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 14623118
Project Title(English) : Effectiveness of a mobile application-based intervention program for promoting positive parenting: A randomized controlled study 
Project Title(Chinese) : 鼓勵正面育兒的手機應用程式介入計劃的成效:一個對照試驗 
Principal Investigator(English) : Prof Ng, Fei Yin Florrie 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) :  
Department : Dept of Educational Psychology
Institution : The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Prof Yau , Jenny Yuk Ping
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Psychology and Linguistics
Exercise Year : 2018 / 19
Fund Approved : 578,794
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 30-11-2021
Abstract as per original application
Research shows that Chinese students tend to have higher achievement than their Western counterparts, but also experience more psychological distress, with parents’ high expectations for children and exertion of control implicated as contributing factors. Most parenting and family intervention programs to date, however, were developed in the West and target behavioral and emotional problems among children. Given that children’s development and family dynamics are embedded in the larger societal and cultural contexts, and cultural differences in learning-related parenting have been documented, existing programs may not be effective in preventing and reducing parents’ exertion of undue academic pressure on children and other forms of controlling parenting in Hong Kong, thereby unlikely to mitigate students’ psychological distress. The proposed research entails a culturally sensitive parenting intervention program to promote positive parenting especially in, but not limited to, the academic realm in Hong Kong. The program aim is fourfold: (1) enriching parenting knowledge, (2) facilitating parents’ setting of realistic goals and expectations for children across developmental domains, (3) empowering parents for effective parenting by fostering parent-child communications and promoting parental self-care and parenting efficacy, and (4) promoting self-reflection in parents. Central to the program is a 15-week mobile application-based intervention with a series of mini-modules for parents. Moreover, this mobile application-based intervention may be supplemented by parent meetings held by trained school personnel. Participants will be about 480 parent-child dyads from 60 schools. Schools will be randomly assigned to one of three conditions in Time 1: the App-meeting condition with both the use of the mobile application and parent meetings; the App-only condition with just the mobile application and no parent meetings; the Wait-list condition with no intervention at Time 1 (to be given the mobile application in Time 2). In the App-meeting condition, about 40 school personnel will be involved as trained facilitators of parent meetings. Focus group interviews will be conducted with 64 parents in the App-meeting and App-only conditions. Short-term and long-term effectiveness of the mobile application-based intervention with and without school-based parent meetings will be evaluated based on quantitative and qualitative data obtained from parents and children before and after the intervention as well as from parents during the intervention through diary surveys. Specifically, program effectiveness will be assessed in terms of improving parents’ outcomes (parenting knowledge, other cognitions such as goals and expectations for children, parenting practices, and psychological functioning), children’s outcomes (psychological functioning), and the parent-child relationship.
有研究發現華人學生比西方學生成就更高,但承受更大的心理困擾,父母在育兒方面的高期望與高壓的管教模式被視為問題成因。然而迄今為止,大部分協助父母育兒及促進家庭和諧生活的介入計劃皆在西方制定,而且專門針對兒童的行為及情緒問題。兒童的發展及家庭成員的互動狀況與社會及文化環境不可分割,文獻亦已廣為論述在父母對子女學習的教養模式上之文化差異。有鑑於此,現有的介入計劃恐未能有效防止或減少本地家長對學童過度施予學業壓力以及其他控制性管教行為,故此不太可能減輕學生所承受的心理困擾。 本研究擬在香港建構一個注重本地文化因素的育兒介入計劃以鼓勵正面育兒,尤其是在(但不僅限於)學業層面的管教。計劃的主要目標有四:一、豐富父母的育兒知識;二、引導父母對子女各方面的成長和發展訂立合理的目標和期望;三、透過促進親子溝通、提高父母的自我照顧意識及親職效能感,提高父母有效養育子女的能力;四、鼓勵父母自我反省。計劃的核心內容為一項為期十五周、以手機應用程式為平台的介入計劃,其中包含一系列為家長而設的迷你課程。此外,由受過專業訓練的教職人員主持的家長小組亦可能會支援該計劃。 本研究參加者為約480對、來自60間學校的親子組合。有關學校將會被隨機分配成三組,各組實驗條件不同。第一階段:第一組參加者將同時參加應用程式介入計劃和家長小組;第二組參加者只參加應用程式介入計劃,不會參加家長小組;第三組參加者處於等候名單控制組,暫不獲安排任何形式的介入(但他們將在第二階段參與應用程式介入計劃)。在第一組,大約有40位教職員將會協助計劃,作為受過訓練的家長小組主持人。另外,第一和第二組中64位家長會參與焦點組群訪談。手機應用程式介入計劃的短期及長期成效(輔以校本家長小組與否),將根據是次研究所收集的量化及質化數據去評估,數據來源包括父母和孩子參與介入計劃的前後對照,以及介入計劃進行期間父母撰寫的日誌。具體來說,計劃成效將會從家長(育兒知識、其他如父母對子女的目標和期望等相關認知、教養行為、心理狀況)、子女(心理狀況)、親子關係三個向度作出評估。
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