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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 18600123
Project Title(English) : Investigating student teachers’ TPACK development for corpus technology and their self-efficacies for independent language learning and teaching: a mixed method study 
Project Title(Chinese) : 調查職前教師基於語料庫技術TPACK發展以及他們對獨立語言學習和教學的自我效能感:混合方法研究 
Principal Investigator(English) : Dr Ma, Qing 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) : 馬清 
Department : Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies
Institution : The Education University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Prof Chai, Ching Sing
Dr Chen, Hsueh Chu
Dr Crosthwaite, Peter
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Education
Exercise Year : 2023 / 24
Fund Approved : 469,560
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 30-6-2026
Abstract as per original application
Corpus technology has now become mainstream in language-related research. Empirical corpus-based studies have demonstrated many positive outcomes in learners’ development of various language skills. However, frontline language teachers in primary and secondary schools are unfamiliar with corpus technology, mainly due to the lack of technological, pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) training in corpus technology. To address this knowledge gap, we have recently developed a corpus-based language pedagogy (CBLP) that blends language pedagogy with corpus technology; it is a specific form of TPACK for corpus technology. Moreover, a popular claim regarding corpus use is that learners could develop their independent language-learning ability, but there is little empirical evidence to support this claim. With regard to student teachers who are non-native speakers of the language they teach, it is crucial to improve their self-efficacies in the independent learning and teaching of the target language since self-efficacies are key motivational constructs that influence their teaching performances. This proposal aims to frame training in corpus technology for student teachers within the TPACK framework to foster CBLP for effective teaching using corpus technology. This research will also provide a theoretical model by investigating how student teachers in Hong Kong and Mainland China receive TPACK training in corpus technology, and how this can influence their self-efficacies for independent language learning and teaching. A mixed-method approach will be adopted, including an intervention, a survey and a multi-case study. First, a six-week intervention of TPACK training in corpus technology will be conducted with 300 student teachers of English. Their learning outcomes will be measured via the survey data. Structural equation modelling will be conducted twice by employing the partial least squares method (PLS-SEM) at the beginning and at end of the training to test the proposed theoretical model and to measure the training effect on the model. A multi-case study involving selected student teachers will then be conducted to investigate how their self-efficacies for independent language learning and teaching are co-developed with their TPACK for corpus technology. Theoretically, the research will generate a new understanding of TPACK for corpus technology for teaching language subjects, and its relationship between self-efficacies for independent language learning and teaching. Such new knowledge could benefit research areas in corpus linguistics, language education and TPACK. Practically, the findings may generate empirical evidence regarding how to provide effective TPACK training in corpus technology to enable student teachers to improve their independent language learning and teaching self-efficacies.
語料庫技術現已成為語言相關研究的主流。涉及使用語料庫進行語言學習的實證研究在學習者各種語言技能的發展中顯示出許多有效的成果。然而,語料庫技術在初中和高中的一線語言教師中仍然鮮為人知。關鍵原因是語言教師教育專案中缺乏針對語料庫技術的TPACK培訓。因此,我們新建立了一個基於語料庫語的新型語言教學法(CBLP),將語言教學法與語料庫技術相結合。這是針對語料庫技術的特定形式的TPACK。此外,關於語料庫使用的一個流行觀點是,學習者可以發展他們的獨立語言學習能力,但支援這個觀點的實證證據很少。對於非母語的語言學生教師,我們認為提高他們的目的語言的獨立學習和教學的自我效能是至關重要的,因為自我效能是影響他們教學表現的關鍵動機因素。 本研究方案旨在為職前教師在TPACK框架內進行語料庫技術的培訓,以促進CBLP的有效教學。本研究還將通過調查香港和中國大陸的職前教師如何接受語料庫技術的TPACK培訓,以及這如何影響他們的獨立語言學習和教學的自我效能,提出一個理論模型。 我們將採用混合方法的研究方法,包括干預、調查和多案例研究。首先,將對300名英語學生教師進行為期6周的TPACK在語料庫技術的培訓干預。他們的學習成果將通過調查資料來測量。將在培訓開始和結束時,採用偏最小二乘法(PLS)進行兩次結構方程模型(SEM)分析,以測試提出的理論模型,並測量培訓對模型的影響。然後,將對選定的職前教師進行案例研究,以調查他們的獨立語言學習和教學的自我效能如何與他們的語料庫技術的TPACK共同發展。
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