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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 18603617
Project Title(English) : An investigation of the use of group dialogue and questioning strategies with primary school students learning visual arts in museums and schools 
Project Title(Chinese) : 在展館及教室學習視覺藝術 : 小學師生對話及提問策略研究 
Principal Investigator(English) : Dr Tam, Cheung-on 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) : 譚祥安 
Department : Department of Cultural and Creative Arts
Institution : The Education University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Dr Lau, Chung-yim
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Education
Exercise Year : 2017 / 18
Fund Approved : 725,242
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 30-6-2020
Abstract as per original application
Art museums are places where students learn from original artworks. Previous scholarship on museum education has placed the emphasis either on visitors’ experiences or on outcomes of learning gained from museum visits. There is a lack of empirical research into group dialogue – the most used education strategy in museums and the most basic component of teaching in classrooms. The proposed study will investigate the group dialogues conducted by teachers with students in museums and classrooms. Three modes of dialogue proposed by Hubard (2015) – predetermined, thematic and open – will be tested with primary school teachers and students. ‘Design-based research’, a method to identify improvements systematically from experiments in learning situations, will be the methodology employed. The study will be conducted in three phases. Phase 1 will involve the preparation of teacher participants for leading group dialogues and curriculum plan development. Ten teachers and about 270 sixth-grade students (age 12) from different primary schools will be invited to participate in the study. Five workshops on effective group dialogue strategy will be conducted for the teacher participants. They will develop two five- to six-week curriculum plans with each incorporating one museum visit. Phase 2 will focus on the implementation of the plans with the support of the investigators and the evaluation of teachers’ and students’ performance in the group dialogue. Data will be obtained from the teachers’ reflections, interviews, observations and video recordings of museum visits and classroom teaching before, during and after the implementation of the plans. Phase 3 will be the data analysis stage. Taking the Hong Kong context into consideration, the results of the study will be used to create a pedagogical model that is theoretically and practically sound. The study is particularly meaningful given the increased emphasis that has been placed on learning art criticism in the new Education Bureau Visual Arts (VA) curriculums. In the revised VA curriculum for primary one to secondary three levels, it is explicitly stated that art making should be learned in connection with art criticism. The study will also be a timely response to the development of the West Kowloon Cultural District. In 2019, the Museum+ will be launched and the Hong Kong Museum of Art will be re-opened after renovation. There will be numerous opportunities for students and members of the public to visit these purpose-built museums. In this connection, an educated audience and refined museum practices are much needed.
在展館及教室學習視覺藝術 : 小學師生對話及提問策略研究 藝術館是學生認識藝術原作的地方。過往有關藝術館教育的研究成果不是強調觀者的經驗,便是參觀藝術館於學習上的效用。小組對話 (Group dialogue) 是藝術館裏最常用的教學策略和學校教室中最基本的教學元件。然而,有關小組對話的實証研究卻相當缺乏。本研究將探討於藝術館和課室場景裡展開的師生對話。由Hubard (2015) 倡議的三種對話模式-預定式、主題式和開放式-將於小學教師和學生身上實踐和進行測試。本研究會採用設計研究法 (Design-based Research),有系統地檢視對話及提問教學方法的成效。 本研究將會分為三個階段實行。第一階段為教師參與者提供訓練,學習帶領小組對話和建立課程計劃。八位教師和約二百二十位小六學生(約十二歲)會受邀自不同小學參與研究計劃。研究中共有五次工作坊,訓練教師帶領小組對話及不同的提問策略。教師會建立兩個為期五至六週的教學單元,每個單元均包含一次藝術館參觀活動。第二階段是教學單元的實施和評估。教師參與者將在研究者的支援下實行各自的單元教學。他們與學生在小組對話的表現將會被紀錄及評估。研究數據會取自教學單元實施前和後的教師教學自省記錄、訪問、教室及藝術館的觀察和錄影。第三階段則為數據分析。結合香港的情境,本研究的結果將能用作建立兼具理論和實踐的小組對話教學模式。 鍳於教育局於新的視覺藝術課程中強調學習藝術評賞的重要性,本研究的義意顯得尤其重大。修訂後的視覺藝術課程(小一至中三),明確指出藝術創作的學習應該與藝術評賞連繫。此外,本研究亦適時響應西九龍文化區的發展。在二零一九年,M+展館將會啟用,而香港藝術館經修葺後亦於同年重新開放。學生與公眾人士將會有大量機會參觀各展館。配合文化區的落成,曾受觀賞教育的觀眾尤為本地所需。
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