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Funding Scheme : General Research Fund
Project Number : 18611320
Project Title(English) : Creating connections: A study of the impact and effectiveness of a visual arts teacher-curator pedagogy 
Project Title(Chinese) : 創造聯繫:視藝教師作為策展人的教學果效及影響力研究 
Principal Investigator(English) : Dr Tam, Cheung On 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) :  
Department : Department of Cultural and Creative Arts
Institution : The Education University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Education
Exercise Year : 2020 / 21
Fund Approved : 889,420
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 31-8-2023
Abstract as per original application
Engaging students in art criticism and art making activities is the major work of visual arts teachers. With access to the free online resources provided by art museum websites and image-based electronic databases, teachers are now in a better position to make use of artworks in planning and delivering their curriculum. The following questions arise: Can art teachers assume the role of art museum curators and construct an online exhibition to facilitate student learning? How should teachers be prepared to adopt such a ‘teacher-curator’ pedagogy? Can the thematic approach and presentation of exhibitions broaden students’ horizons in considering artworks? Will learning through virtual exhibitions increase students’ motivation to learn and improve their skills in using online resources? What will be the effectiveness and impact of this way of conceptualising, organising and constructing visual arts learning opportunities? The aim of the proposed study is to answer the above questions using a design-based research. Three primary and three secondary school teachers and their students (about 165) will be invited to participate. The first phase of the study will focus on the training of teacher participants in the teacher-curator pedagogy. The second phase is the implementation stage. With the support of the investigator, the teacher participants will develop two virtual exhibitions and relevant face-to-face, museum visit and online learning activities. The third phase is the evaluation stage. Data on the impact and effectiveness of the teacher-curator pedagogy will be collected through student and teacher questionnaires and interviews. The study will be conducted in the particular cultural context of Hong Kong. Museum+, the new museum of visual culture, is scheduled to open in 2020, and the renovated Hong Kong Museum of Art will re-open in late 2019. Besides having state-of-the-art facilities, we would like to see members of our society become regular museum visitors and be culturally literate. By actively using artworks from museums to teach, the study will help to build up a critical audience for the cultural establishments in Hong Kong in the long term. Through the formulation of exhibition themes, the selection of connected artworks and the design of relevant learning activities, the study will enhance the autonomy and capacity of teachers. With a focus on using digital technology, the results of the study will contribute to developing an effective pedagogical practice in general and one that promotes online learning in visual arts in particular.
視覺藝術科教師的一項重要工作是讓學生評賞和創作藝術。透過利用藝術館和圖像資料庫提供的網絡資源,教師較以往可以更有效地運用藝術作品於課程設計及教學實踐。網絡科技的應用洐生以下的問題: 視藝教師能否以藝術展覽策展人的角度,為學生創造網上的虛擬展覽,促進他們學習?教師應該如何去準備這種「教師策展人」的教學?以主題展覽的模式展示藝術作品能否提升學生思考藝術的能力?虛擬展覽能否增加學生的學習動機和提升他們運用網絡資源的能力?「教師策展人」教學的概念、組織和建構方式,會對視覺藝術學習產生甚麼影響和效果?本研究計劃希望透過「設計為本」研究法探討以上的問題。三間中學和三間小學的教師和學生(約165人)將會被邀請參與本研究計劃。第一階段將會集中於訓練教師參與者運用「教師策展人」的教學策略。第二階段為教學試驗。教師參與者將會策劃兩個虛擬展覽,以及相關的面授、展覽參觀和網上學習活動。第三階段為教學評估。資料搜集將會以問卷調查和訪談的形式進行,用以分析有關教學方法的影響和效果。本研究將會於香港本地的文化情境下進行。以視覺文化為主的M+展館已定於2020年開啟,而經過翻新的香港藝術館亦於2019年重新開放。除了具備各種完善的文化設施,我們希望社會大眾能夠具備欣賞藝術的文化素養以及成為展覽及文化活動的慣常參與者。透過積極地運用藝術館的展品進行教學,本研究將會有助培養具批判力的觀眾,長遠地促推香港的文化建設。透過策劃主題展覽、選取具連繫的藝術作品以及設計相關的學習活動,本研究將會有助提升教師的能力和自主性。透過應用數碼科技於教學,研究結果亦將會有助發展網上視覺藝術學習。
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