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Funding Scheme : Early Career Scheme
Project Number : 24608423
Project Title(English) : SOE Provisions in Regional Trade Agreements 
Project Title(Chinese) : 區域貿易協定中的國有企業條款 
Principal Investigator(English) : Prof Hu, Shixue 
Principal Investigator(Chinese) : 胡詩雪 
Department : Faculty of Law
Institution : The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Co - Investigator(s) :
Panel : Humanities, Social Sciences
Subject Area : Social and Behavioural Sciences
Exercise Year : 2023 / 24
Fund Approved : 484,950
Project Status : On-going
Completion Date : 30-4-2026
Abstract as per original application
Policy concerns regarding state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in trade have been a focal point in the US-China trade war and the legal reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Since the WTO has not made separate rulebooks on SOEs, countries with different policy preferences have progressively generated diverse SOE provisions in regional trade agreements (RTAs) to supplement the WTO rules. The aim of this study is to investigate these SOE provisions present in the 354 RTAs that are in force among the WTO members and to compare features of their texts and policies. This study builds on the PI’s previous research on SOEs in international law. The existing legal scholarship has provided comprehensive analyses of SOE rules in a few influential RTAs with reference to the WTO law and domestic practices of the signatories. This study, using text analysis tools and descriptive statistics, seeks to collect and generate new empirical evidence in the RTAs’ SOE provisions about their linguistic features and embedded policies. By utilizing a different research method, it will present the legal patterns and policies of SOE provisions with greater precision. In addition, this study will group and compare RTAs of different time periods and RTAs between signatories of different development levels according to regionalism theories in studies of international relations. The comparisons will reveal diverse lawmaking features in their SOE provisions and discern policy patterns of synchronization and divergence across time and space. By taking an interdisciplinary perspective, this study will provide a new understanding of RTAs’ developments. The empirical findings of this research can contribute to further policy discussions on SOEs in trade as well as interdisciplinary interests in regionalism and the WTO. They also serve as useful references for China and Hong Kong to recalibrate their existing RTA practices when joining new trade agreements that have SOE provisions.
關於國有企業(SOE)的貿易政策是中美貿易戰和世界貿易組織(WTO)法律改革的焦點。 由於WTO目前尚未制定單獨的國有企業規則,各國基於不同的貿易政策通過區域貿易協定(RTAs)逐漸達成了多樣化的國有企業條款對現有 WTO 規則進行補充。 本項目旨在調查目前 WTO 成員間已達成生效的 354 項區域貿易協定中的國有企業條款並比較其法律條文和貿易政策。 本項目建立在之前對國際法中關於國有企業的基礎研究之上。 現有法學研究多參考WTO法及相關國內法,對近些年個別具有影響力的區域貿易協定中的國有企業規則進行具體且詳實的研讀。 本項目則希望利用文本分析和統計工具系統地研究區域貿易協定中的國有企業條款,以更好地理解其文本特徵及背後蘊含的貿易政策。本項目中擬採用的研究方法可細緻地描述並歸納國有企業規則的法律及政策演變模式。 此外,本項目還將參考國際關係學說中的區域化理論,對不同時期以及不同發展水平國家之間的區域貿易協定進行分組比較。 這些比較研究將總結不同時期和空間下關於國有企業規則的國際立法共性和差異。本項目的跨學科視角可為 區域貿易協定的發展提供新的認識。 本項目的實證研究成果將有助于不同學科和政策制定者就貿易中的國有企業、中美貿易糾紛、區域化和WTO等主題展開後續討論。本項目亦將為中國和香港特別行政區在加入新區域貿易協議或修改現有協議時關於國有企業條款的談判提供有益參考。
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