Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2020/21

Initial Application Form

Please read the "Explanatory Notes for Applicants" before completing this Form on-line.
The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Electronic System (HKPFSES) will time out automatically after idling for 30 minutes. All un-submitted entries will be lost upon system time-out.
This Initial Application Form must be completed in English unless otherwise specified, e.g. the field requiring the input of applicant's Name in Chinese (if applicable).
Only one Initial Application is accepted per applicant. All entries will be cross-checked with full applications to be submitted to universities.

Section A - Personal Particulars

Name in English (as shown on your passport or identity document)
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First 4 numerical digits of Passport / Identity Document Number
Applicants from Hong Kong must input relevant numeric digits of their Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) number.
Applicants from mainland China must input relevant numeric digits of their Resident Identity Card number.
Applicants without a passport must input the relevant numeric digits of their national identity document number.
Email Address
The email address given here will be used in all future correspondence, including notification of result in March/April 2020, if applicable.
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Section B - Choice of University(ies) and Programme(s) for PhD Studies

Only one initial application per applicant will be accepted and each applicant can submit at most two choices of university / department / programme with priority. An applicant may make changes to choice(s) of university / department / programme until the Initial Application Deadline, i.e. 2 December 2019 at 12:00 noon Hong Kong time. However, only the choice(s) saved in the HKPFSES as at the Initial Application Deadline will be processed further.
Choice 1 (Preferred Choice):
Department / School / Faculty / Division
Programme / Field of Study
Applicants submitting only one choice please choose "Only one choice is opted" in "University" under Choice 2.
Choice 2:
Department / School / Faculty / Division
Programme / Field of Study
Important Note:

The RGC will only process applications nominated by the eight UGC-funded universities to compete for the HKPFS award. In the event that an applicant is nominated by two universities, the RGC will only process the nomination tendered by the university for which the relevant applicant has indicated priority (i.e. Choice 1). If an applicant selects two different programmes within the same university and is nominated subsequently, the university concerned shall have the discretion to decide on which programme the nomination is for. (Please refer to Paragraph (m) of the Explanatory Notes for details).
Proposed research field of PhD studies
Keywords in English that best describe your proposed research (up to 100 characters)  

Section C - Authorization and Declaration

1. I authorize the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong ("RGC" hereafter) and the chosen university(ies) in Section B to gain access to all information about my candidature for my studies, and use this information as a basis of all types of processing relevant to the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) and entry to the chosen university(ies) in Section B, including assessment, statistics, verification and publicity purpose.
2. I understand that upon successful application, my data will become part of the student record and may be used for all purposes as prescribed under relevant rules and regulations of the offering university for PhD admission.
3. I declare that the information given in this application is accurate and complete.
4. I understand that any misrepresentation will disqualify this application, and I will be liable to refund in full the fellowship obtained under the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme in the event that an award is made.
5. I understand that I can submit one initial application to the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 2020/21 only. In the event that I obtain more than one HKPFS reference number for this exercise through multiple application, the RGC reserves the ultimate right to reject or disqualify ALL of my applications for the Scheme.
6. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that no plagiarism is committed and no plagiarized text is used in any part of my proposed research or any parts of my initial and full application. A breach of this rule may result in disqualification of my application. I also understand that it is up to the RGC to decide whether my application comprises plagiarism or plagiarized text and the judgment of the RGC is final.
7. I understand that the RGC will not consider any claim for cost incurred by me in relation to this application for the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme and for the PhD programme admission to the universities funded by the University Grants Committee of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
8. I shall indemnify the RGC and Secretariat staff against all liabilities, claims, demands, costs and expenses, actions and proceedings, and all losses and damages whatsoever arising from or in connection with this application.

Section D - Source of Information

You are invited to fill out the survey below. This survey is optional for statistical purpose.
How did you learn about the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme?
(You may select more than one box)
On-line Webpage of the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong
Webpage(s) of Hong Kong universities
Web advertisement
Social networking sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter
HKPFS Facebook Page
News coverage by online media
Discussion board / Search engine
Other webpage / online source(s) (please specify)
Printed Matter Poster / Leaflet of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
Publications of Hong Kong universities
News coverage / advertisement in newspapers
Advertisements in the Chronicle of Higher Education
Other printed matter (please specify)
Personal Network / Event
(If you are an applicant in Hong Kong) Staff of your institution
Students of your institution
Others (please specify)
(If you are an applicant outside Hong Kong) Staff of your institution
Students of your institution
Staff of a Hong Kong university
Students of a Hong Kong university
Others (please specify)
Thank you

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